21 Oct 2014

I don't think Pritam Singh is being honest on 'Bigg Boss 8': Natasa Stankovic

Mumbai: Serbian model-actress Natasa Stankovic, the latest one to be evicted from 'Bigg Boss 8' house, holds no hard feelings against any housemate -- but she dislikes the energies of some.
"I don't like Sonali's (Sonali Raut) energy. Pritam (Pritam Singh) is very active, cracks jokes but I don't think he is being honest," she said.
'Bigg Boss' clocks highest TRP ratings mainly for controversies, acrimonious fights and verbal abuse. Natasa feels she was evicted so soon because she was not involved in any drama or fights.
I don't think Pritam Singh is being honest on 'Bigg Boss 8': Natasa Stankovic

Natasa Stankovic was evicted this week from the 'Bigg Boss' house.

"It is surprising for me that I was not shown in the episodes as I am a very hyper-active person. The reason maybe because I was not fighting with anyone and remained aloof to the fights and drama," Natasa told IANS over a telephonic interview from Mumbai.
However, Natasa describes her stay as "a great experience and fun" insisting that she was "chirpy and prancing around the house all day".
"I was singing, dancing and talking to everyone. In fact, sometimes the housemates used to tell me to calm down and even questioned, 'Where do you get the energy from'. I don't know what went wrong and why this side of my personality was not shown in the episodes," Natasa said.
Inmates said Natasa was facing language and food problems inside the house and that was why they nominated her for the ouster.
But Natasa dismissed the claims and said: "They were a problem initially, but I was getting comfortable with both."

20 Oct 2014

Parineeti Chopra never misses to watch Salman Khan's 'Bigg Boss 8'!

Parineeti Chopra never misses to watch Salman Khan's 'Bigg Boss 8'!
Mumbai: Actress Parineeti Chopra, who is nowadays busy with her upcoming flick titled ‘Kill Dil’, is a big fan of Salman Khan hosted ‘Bigg Boss 8’. Despite her busy schedule, she manages to take out time and watch the most controversial show.

Confirming her love for ‘Dabangg’ Khan and the show, she took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter and wrote, “Mr. Salman Khan has to be the most intelligent, spontaneous, real and funny host ever!!!! #BiggBoss8.”

Hunk of an actor Salman Khan has been the host of ‘Bigg Boss’ for almost five seasons now and it is his sense of humor and witty comments that he still remains to be the best host on the show. That’s how he rules millions of hearts.

According to the sources, Pari will soon appear on ‘Bigg Boss’ to promote ‘Kill Dil’.

Talking about ‘Kill Dil’, it also features Ranveer Singh, Ali Zafar and Govinda among others. The movie will hit theaters on November 14.

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba locks herself in the loo

Bigg Boss 8: Minissha Lamba locks herself in the looBigg Boss season 8 contestant Minissha Lamba suddenly seems to be surrounded by controversies inside the house.

The actress who started off as an underdog is suddenly on everyone's hit-list. In tonight's episode, Bigg Boss will introduce yet another twist wherein nominations will be conducted openly which will lead to a major drama between Puneet Issar and Minissha.

Sources inform that during the nomination process, Puneet Issar nominated Minissha citing the reason that he didn't like the strategy Misnissha and Aarya planned before entering Bigg Boss house. Minissha was visibly hurt at the comment. The actress was even more shocked when her co-contestants informed her that Puneet had been maligning her behind her back saying, "Acche ghar ki ladki hokar aisa karti hai..."

Overwhelmed with this apparent breach of trust, Minissha ran towards the washroom and locked herself inside. Other contestants tried reasoning with her to open the door as she was occupying the loo but to no avail. Minissha had forgotten to take her mic off before going to the loo and her sobs were for all to hear. When she finally emerged from the loo, her eyes were red and swollen. Minissha, who was hurt by Puneet's comment was heard saying that, if someone doesn't like her or has problem with her he should not go around addressing her as beta.

Well, after all this drama will Minissha be able to bring her back in the game. Only time will tell.

I was shown less on 'Bigg Boss': Natasa Stankovic

Serbian model-actress Natasa Stankovic, who has been evicted from 'Big Boss 8', says she was very active on the show but was not shown much in the episodes. Stankovic is the third contestant to have been eliminated from the controversial reality show, after Sukirti Kandpal and Deepshikha Nagpal. The 37-year-old beauty said people perceived her as passive and boring but she did a lot of fun on the show. "I am actually shocked when I got to know that my friends did not see me much on the show because I was always dancing, singing and having fun. In fact my energy was such that inmates had to tell me to pause.I don't know why I was shown less in the episodes. People outside thought I was a quite person but that is not true.
Less visibility is most probably the reason why I got evicted," Natasa told PTI. Even though the Colors show's host, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was seen prompting Natasa to be more interactive, she feels she was doing her best but the language was a barrier as she could not speak Hindi properly. "He told me a couple of times and I did follow his advice. I made efforts but somehow the language was an obstacle between me and other housemates. When I wanted to give opinion on something, I struggled with the language and people said, 'you need time', so it went unheard," she said.
Natasa adds she is happy that she stayed away from fights and controversies in the house. "I could never relate to the fights happening in the house. I like to stay away from the negative energy hence I did not come in limelight when any fight happened, except during the first task where Karishma put mirchi (red chilli powder) on my face. After she apologised to me, I was fine because I don't hold grudges," she said.
Natasa calls Sushant Divgikar her closest person in the house and feels he was one of the most positive people on the show. "Sushant and I share many things, our love for dancing and singing and we both love positivity. I got along with him. We are similar people," she said.
Asked who has the maximum chances of winning the show, She said, "Praneet (Bhat) deserves to win the game. He has a nice personality. He is not faking and at the same time he is playing the game, so I feel he is doing good," Natasa

14 Oct 2014

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