1 Nov 2014

Karishma asks Sonali to date Upen!

Here I am once again with some really fresh gossip from the house!  For a change, I noticed Karishma doing-up Sonali’s hair, seemingly Sonali has now become more cautious about her looks for obvious reasons ( grins). She has been trying to look different everyday and Karishma is being a helping hand just like an elder sister!!!
It so happened that while getting ready, Sonali kept asking Upen how was she looking. And  Upen being Upen, couldn’t stop praising her. And I think it made Sonali look even more radiant! I could see the unimaginable happiness on his face. So while Upen was not around, Sonali asked Karishma how does she find Upen? Karishma responded saying he looks hot but since they both are friends since long, she didn’t pay much attention to his ‘hotness quotient’ in him.Karishma also counter questioned Sonali as to why doesn’t she start dating Upen? Sonali quite clandestinely diverted the topic. 

Now coming back to the lovey dovey couple, Sonali is becoming very particular about how the two look together as well. She doesn’t hesitate asking Upen to wear something that compliments her dress. Now isn’t that being a little dominating? Well, how does it matter if Mr.Patel is fine with that!

Praneet and Pritam act funny for the camera!

A wise man once said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.Well said! And now when you don’t have much to do, either you will come up with doing something weird or go bananas completely! Something as similar as latter one happened to the two Ps in the house. I am talking about Pritam and Puneet, who were cribbing about not being able to sleep in the Big Boss house during the day time. I didn’t know that the two have an enormous sense of humour until they started talking to the camera for having no work at hand. Pritam, who is quite witty and comical at times, told the camera “Chalo humein bataa do ki hum kab evict hone waale hain, so that we decide how to pass time until that very day.” He also added “Kya main ek baar ghar se nikal kar ghoom kar waapis aa sakta hun?,mujhe meetha khaane ki iccha ho rahi hai.” Lol! Yes Pritam, we know you have a sweet tooth and your request is repeatedly going unheard in the house. Praneet threw some light on his opinion on the ‘half raashan’ that was taken away by Big Boss during a task failure. He said “Chalo Big Boss hum deal karte hain,aap Diandra and Karishma mein se ek ka make-up rakh lo aur badle mein humein raashan waapis kar do.”

It was quite rib tickling to watch the two housemates laughing out on all the pain they are currently going through!

Spreading joy not rumours,

Look what happened when Bigg Boss called for his Adaalat!

What I saw last in the house resurrects my faith that the housemates cannot get away with their acts and spoken words which created hell lot of havoc inside the house inviting troubles in past! 

The task was named aptly as “Big Boss ki adaalat.” Each housemate was asked to stand inside the given ‘Katghada’ one after another and justify himself/herself from the alleged ilzaam put on them by some other housemate at some point in time during this season. Each and everyone got a fair chance to prove themselves clean and innocent. But I couldn't keep my eyes off  the contestants while the blame game was going on. In fact while Gautam and Praneet were being interrogated there was lot of fire ,anguish and grudge coming out of people. Especially when Gautam called Praneet ‘Double dholki’ it made Praneet burst out in anger!

It was interesting to watch diandra defend herself off all the accusations. A lot happened over Bigg Boss ki Adaalat making everyone aware that it’s not their house but Big Boss’s and there is a certain code of conduct that everyone is bound to to abide by. This exercise seemed to be much needed for these headstrong housemates!

Just like what happens when we put clothes into a washing machine... Everything comes out clean in the end!

Why does Pritam want to buy make up?

Girls in the house seem to be bonding well with each other these days. Especially, post the telephone booth task, where Karishma and Diandra’s cosmetics were taken away! Understanding the fact that nobody can do without makeup in this house, Minissha showed  a big heart by  sharing her stuff with Karish and Di. In return she also received a lot of priase! Rarely that happens, nahi?(winks). The only boy present in the room at the time was Pritam, who kept asking the ladies which ones should he ask for? I was wondering why would he needs those? To which he mentioned sweetly that he wanted to gift cosmetics to his wife who is expecting their child and felt this is the right time to present her something that pleases her!But unfortunately has no knowledge about the same. 
Karishma, who said that she loves shopping for friends' wives and girlfriends vowed to help him out with the shopping of the same once they are out of the house. Well, Pritam couldn’t have asked for more! Isn’t that a sweet gesture? Am sure his wife would be on cloud 9 knowing this! Karishma we hope you don’t forget your promise darling!

Upen - Praneet discuss who will win this season!

These days the housemates look caught up in the rat race! As the days are passing by they are even more alert on who is going to be evicted next! While they manage to hide their anticipation from the housemates, they can't hide it from me. I  caught Praneet and Upen secretly discussing who is going to be evicted this week in which Praneet gave a track record of the contestants who had won previous seasons as in the strategies they used then, and what are the mandatory traits required to play the game till the end. However, Upen didn’t seem too convinced with what Praneet had to say and he said “If I want to win, I will be honest and staright forward without any manipulation, I would not try to be somebody else.” Hmmm now will wait and watch  as we get closer to the grand finale Upen! Which is still far. We also need to keep a track of what each one of them has said about their own winning strategy.Will they play the game their way? Or go back to tactics that were used by earlier contestants in previous seasons to win? It’s getting even more interesting!