26 Nov 2014

Karishma's cry and plea go unheard for Renee

As I share this I actually can't believe the rigidity that Renee showed during the task. I am fuming in anger! It all began with Karishma’s turn in the app room. She got an option which no one could refuse to - A long awaited wish to talk to her mom. Not only this, but Bigg Boss gave her an option to meet her mother in person. Woah!! Now this one was well deserving for KT, who has often gone emotional requesting Big Boss to make her talk to her mother for almost a month now. Just like Gauti, Tanna could see her mother and was completely dumb founded. So much so that she broke down. It was a quite touchy moment. But just then, she was told that since the battery was low, she had to convince Renee to color her hair only then she could meet her mother.

The Living room also showcased Karishma’s mother weeping and longing to see her daughter. Everyone’s eyes went watery looking at the sight. In fact Renee too weept, but she tried to remain firm as much as she could. Now was the time to convince her and Karishma tried her level best and Renee could sense her feelings too but of no help! After being a little pressurized, Renee got agitated and said she is going ahead to color her hair and she should meet her mother asap. She in agony even tore her father’s picture putting everyone in shock.

Anyway, one thing got clear that Karishma at least received her makeup back during all this. But how? Did Renee color her hair in the end? Did Karishma get to meet her mother ?

Confluence of emotions in the House!

In a Radio station set up, Pritam got to meet his entire family.Yes! all this happened as Pritam like others chose to meet someone most close to his heart. It was a tear-jerking moment the way he and his wife exchanged their first expressions looking at each other. Like I said, they both could talk to each other, see each other but had a glass wall. Pritam’s happiness reached another level when he saw his fourteen months toddler walking upto him calling Daddy. Awww! Tears couldn’t stop trickling from the couple’s eyes. His wife in fact jokingly told him “Agar tum mera option nahi choose karte, toh tumhe joote padte” And the two laughed as Pritam said he knew it. He also asked her about their second baby’s health who due in February next year.

Pritam even got his son meet all the housemates. They all looked excited looking at the little one. Every one trying to hold him. But just in few moments, blinders started rolling down obstructing the couple looking at each other. I saw them pleading not to close it so early, but it was a task you see; it had to end!

Renee remains selfish as Upen goes Blonde!

So, in the new App task, the batteries dipped as kept getting discharged as the apps were used by housemates, which made them incredibly happy and delighted, making it one of the best days in the house for most of them. But this time the sacrifice to be given was more challenging for the players than before. The two batteries were asked to color their hair blonde. Wait, what? All the hopes clinged onto Renee. And once again, Renee showed her selfish side and said she wouldn’t do this. Now this actually made many of them upset and absolutely annoyed. Renee chose being adamant saying she wasn’t getting anything in return and hence she feels no need to care about others.

Upen, after putting his hands through the swamp, once again gave a go ahead to get his hair bleached and Diandra helped him colour his hair. Hmmm I think Upen’s Dariyadili might be somewhere related to his selfish motive of going safe from eviction. Quite possible huh!

Praneet took the responsibility of talking to Renee and told her that she wasn’t even thinking about helping someone which was very wrong, and she answered that she feels left out in the house. She said that she feels all alone and nobody is there to think about her feelings.What? Really? Looks like you forgot to give it a second thought while making such statements!

Watch how housemates suffer because of Renee's attitude!

Housemates discuss about Ali's statement

Though Ali and Dimpy’s dispute happened and quickly got resolved too, but the housemates knew how Ali ahead making nasty comments on Dimpy. Upen reached out to Ali saying he was right at his place but he should be very careful while making statements especially to any lady. Pointing out at his previous comments, Upen said that it is very important to control his temper as much as he could and shouldn’t say something which might make him repent later.I have observed other inmates making Ali realize this time and again but pays a deah ear.

In another corner of the house, Puneet and Pritam had a discussion over Ali’s behaviour amd also spoke about Dimpy being over friendly with him, questioning that if she doesn’t feel comfortable around him she should talk only that much how much is needed. They even objected the fact that she should try teasing someone to a limit if she cannot handle someone’s temperament.Well said! “Taali ek haath se nahi bajti”.

Let’s see if both of them realize their mistakes and avoid such silly disputes!

Watch the story in tonight’s episode!

Finally we get to see Ali's Girlfriend!

Sonali has found a friend in Dimpy. Although, Sonali's personality has remained confusing always, which keeps the fact vague for the audience to understand what does she want actually. She is behaving over sweet with Dimpy, last when I saw, she was talking with her in kitchen bitching about Ali. As she praised Dimpy she disparaged Ali’s behavior. She said "Ali is good for nothing and his only business is to mess up things around upsetting people." 

After a long wait Ali was called in the App room and guess what? Even he had an option to choose meeting his girlfriend. Finally, it is revealed who that mistry girlfriend is! He was certainly on cloud 9. He could not wait for even those few seconds wherein he could see his girl. Aha Ali! Nice to see your Lovey Dovy side! Ahaan!

Wouldn’t you want to know how Ali’s Lady Love looks like ?

Watch the mystery revealed tonight at 9 pm!