23 Nov 2014

Wildcard Entrant Nigaar Khan evicted from Bigg Boss!

Last one in, first one out! We are referring to Bigg Boss' latest wildcard entrant Nigaar Khan, who becomes the first wildcard entrant to be shown the door. After a journey spanning two short weeks, Nigaar Khan found herself evicted from the Bigg Boss house this week.
Nigaar entered the Bigg Boss house shortly after Sushant's exit and her first glimpse was into the confessions being made by Aarya Babbar, Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna for the viewers. Entering the house with the aim to bring the contestants together and break the groupism that has been existing in the house, Nigaar tried everything to ensure that the contestants lived as one happy family. However, she soon realized that her dreams could not come true when differences cropped up with Ali and Gautam following which Nigaar decided to stay closer to her friends.
At no point in the game did Nigaar try to hide her emotions owing to which she earned the title of 'Cry Baby' inside the Bigg Boss house. While she cemented her pre-existing friendship with Diandra, upon her entry, Nigaar also grew close to Sonali and Upen who she considered her only friends in the house who she was certain would never speak ill about her. Nigaar's journey in the house, though tumultuous, was filled with some fun and crazy moments. Be it cooking her infamous daal for the contestants or excelling during the 'Sab Durandhar Hotel Ke Andar' task, Nigaar was entertaining to the core. 
Even though Nigaar's journey in the Bigg Boss house has been cut short by her early eviction, she has managed to create a mark on the minds of all the contestants. We wish her luck...Her positivity will definitely be missed! 
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Bigg Boss Season 8 23 November 2014 (Day 63)

5 Reasons Why Gautam Gulati Is Popular On Bigg Boss

Contestant Gautam Gulati has slowly, but surely become one the most popular inmates of the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 8 (Colors and Endemol India). The good looking actor has been saved from eliminations week after week. And we trace the reasons behind his successful stint on the show. Read on:

Female Fan Following:

The dashing actor has been making women swoon over him with his chiseled abs and sexy physique. While many girls find him annoying and boisterous, there are others who swear by his looks and antics. His female fan following has kept him inside the house for this long. And we are sure that he would stay put here for a while more!

In the Limelight:

Right from day one, the star-in-the-making has been in the limelight. Whether it was his 'hook-up' with fellow inmate Diandra, sensuous moves with Sonali or his outburst with Upen and Aarya, Gautam knows how to keep the cameras rolling on him. Naturally, when you're the subject of so much footage, you're bound to be popular. Isn't it?

Knows How to Play the Game:

It seems the youngster has done a thorough research about how to behave on the show, before actually coming aboard. This trait makes him stand out on the show. He might not have a game plan as such, but he definitely knows how to get free publicity. Way to go, boy!

Entertainment Package:

He can dance, sing and mimic actors at the drop of a hot. He is not camera-shy at all! He knows what makes him tick on the show and is not afraid to shed his inhibitions. This is what makes him hugely popular with the audiences who love his brand of humour, masti and entertainment.

Sincere at Tasks:

Somehow, he comes across as a sincere and hardworking player when it comes to the weekly tasks. It might very well be a facade, but it's definitely working on the viewers. Let's hope that he doesn't let the popularity go to his head!

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Ali-Nigaar share how people have amplified their statements

Ali, who has been upset with Dimpy’s behavior for past couple of days has got a constant supporter in Nigaar. He is often seen sharing some serious issues with her. And Nigaar at her level is trying her best not to misunderstand Ali like others have. Ali was telling her how people in the house have always targeted him for small things by exaggerating to an extent making him the culprit of the house. He said they haven’t understood him. Ali also told Nigaar how Dimpy has been bitching about her with Puneet for several things.Is that another  Aag lagana Ali?On this Nigaar added that how she and other girls made faces that morning when Nigaar offered to help them in the kitchen. So, she knows about Dimpy! She said she actually understands Dimpy’s nature which is quite vague otherwise. She said if Dimpy is up with some allegations on her which are false she wouldn’t leave her for that!

Since Sonali and Nigaar are the only ones in the danger zone for eviction,  Ali said he was convinced about Nigaar not going this week and that she shouldn’t worry about what people have to say because he has gone through all that and has become immune to all the negativity. He also mentioned that she and Gauhar are the same DNA, hence she is as strong as her sister. On this Nigaar said there is no doubt about the same, and she doesn’t worry about eviction too, whenever she has to leave the house she will leave with her head high and lots of respect. Hmmm that is quite appreciating Nigaar, let’s see who is the one saying good-bye tonight!

Sneak Peak before meeting Salman

Last I noticed all the housemates rehearsing the ‘Big Boss Anthem’ that they have prepared. And I must tell you that it was a nice attempt. Let’s see what Salman, Big Boss and the Janta Janaardan think of it.  Besides, I also noticed a slight tiff between Puneet and Nigaar, for a very petty reason. Actually, Puneet received a letter from Big Boss about the details on the on-stage presentation of the anthem in the garden area.While he read out the instructions, Nigaar interrupted Puneet in between, which annoyed him to an extent that started shouting at Nigaar asking her to read the letter. They both got into an unwanted argument which was not required! Nigaar tried to explain that she just wanted to put across her point.
Nigaar didn’t react much but preferred moving out of the scene as Puneet continued. Feeling a little hurt she shared with Upen how bad she felt about the entire thing. Poor baby! Psst Psst. On the other hand I saw Di chasing Gautam, who was busy with something. When Gautam questioned if she needed something, she laughingly said no, just his company! She said “Main hi tumhaare paas baithna chahti hun,tum toh aate hi nahi paas”. Is this the same Diandra, who couldn’t stand Gautam at some point in time. Such drastic change! Puts me into doubts sometimes thinking if she is playing a game once again since Upen and her friendship is going through troubled water.

Catch as one more lady leaving the house tonight!