20 Jan 2015

Bigg Boss Halla Bol 'Torture Cage' Synopsis, Day 12

The day begins with RJ Malishka surprising Pritam on his birthday by wishing him through an audio message. As soon as the housemates realize it is Pritam’s birthday they hug him tight with all excitement. 
Soon after the birthday surprise and wishes, Bigg Boss announces a task revealing the secret behind the mysterious briefcase. During Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Halla Bol host Farah Khan had announced  that the briefcase consists twenty five lakhs in cash. The new luxury budget task ‘Torture Cage’ will determine the twist behind the cash prize inside this suitcase. As the name suggest housemates will have to live inside a cage. Upen who is a guest of the house will supervise the task while the housemates are seen standing in the cage. All the contestants will have to stand pressing a given button attached to their respective names. The last man standing while pressing the button continuously will win immunity while the team the winner belongs to will own the golden briefcase. The winner of Bigg Boss Halla Bol will get  a chance to win this additional  twenty five lakhs along with the price money only if he belongs to the team owning the golden briefcase. But if the winner of the show is from the opposite team, then the price money will remain the same and will go to the one who receives the maximum votes amongst them.
The task here involves money as well as immunity hence the contestants are quite excited except few. Further we have Rahul stating that he has health issues and twenty five lakhs or the immunity doesn’t matter to him while Ali too is not bothered about the immunity and is skeptical whether he should really make so much effort for the money which eventually can be won by someone else as well.  Gautam, Pritam, Dimpy, Sambhavna, Ali, Rahul, Karishma, and Mahek gear up to  participate in the torture cage task while Upen is all set to be the supervisor. Disqualified contestants  can  irritate  the remaining participants without using any physical strength or move.
Housemates are worried if Upen will be biased towards his lady love Karishma Tanna. Mahek, Sambhavna and Dimpy are alert and feel  Gautam, Pritam and Karishma are their toughest competitor. It will be interesting to see the contestants sweating it out against each other as the countdown for the finale begins.
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Sudden twister changes the whole game!!!

It was almost the end of the first day of the game and by now Ali and Mahek had quit too! However, the rest went on with strong desire to win till the end. They all looked fatigued, except Gautam, who wasn't talking much during the task. But just then Rahul was called in to collect a task related letter, which he was asked to read in front of everybody.*Lol* Rahul being called in place of Bigg Boss's favourite KT because she was inside the cage!

Struggle of the task turned into a sudden silence as the letter brought in the twist in the game. There was another option offered to the challengers who were still in the task that any one contestant leaving the task within half an hour could take a privilage in exchange to directly nominate a contender during next nominations.

Now, this was unexpected and put all of them in a fix! Karishma and Dimpy immediately decided to quit, but by the time Rahul finished rading the letter, Karishma declared she would quit and told about this to Upen, him being the conductor of the task. But just then, Dimpy got a little upset and said that she gave her name before Karishma, and Upen did partiality which was just not correct. Another heated argument broke between the two.

Do you think Upen could actually have been partial? Who is more likely to surpass the torture?

KT says she is emotional but pretty guarded!

So Upen and Karishma were all lovey-dovey near the washroom area and as Upen cuddled his lady love and asked why was she breaking down so often these days? She replied saying that because she was quite emotional by nature but at the same time guarded too. KT confessed that she was easily getting hurt these days after taking everyone's harsh opinion. She said that she had a breaking point like any normal human after certain amount of suffering. Just then Dimpy walked in and Upen said - "Aa gayi humaari emotional roller coaster!"

But just a few moments before this episode, Ali was seen talking to Sambhavna and Dimpy about Karishma's boyfriend outside and with the statement that KT gave this morning, he felt disappointed and unhappy for him. He said that was unfair for the person who didn't get any chance to talk before the lady took the decision.

Coming back to the task that was going on, every one joked about the amount that was being offered after winning the task and Karishma, Upen and Sambhavna discussed how they can have a deal to share the amount. When they asked Gautam jokingly if they would have a money deal, Gautam shrugged off saying he wanted only to focus on the game until it went on. He wasn't interested in any kind of deals and the task for money wasn't a good idea! He ended up saying he wanted to give it all to task with full honesty and then see who won in the end!

Who do you think will be able take all this torture?

Well as Gautam says, 'Issey kehte hain torture torture!'  *khi khi khi*

Sambhavna frowns over Rahul's behaviour!

When I saw Smabhavana ths morning, I could only sense that she was absolutely miffed with Rahul. She was seen frowning and telling how he acted mean all the time with her. She said she had always tried to maintain good relations with Rahul, but she knew as they all would step out of the show he wouldn't even bother to look back and ask how she was. Sambhavna shared that Rahul carried the same attitude even during season 2. She also went on saying how he told her before entering the house this time that she should stand by him as a friend whenever support was needed. And as per her, she remained loyal as a friend but Rahul had a wrong attitude towards her when he didn't need her.

Sambhavna was literally screaming out at a moment. She said that Rahul had always done this with her and still he wasn't bothered to care for her sentiments and that she was unnecessarily caring for him.She felt as if she wasn being used emotionally.

Rahul wasn't around all this while, but what must have gone wrong between the two making Sambhavna think like that? Was Rahul actually using an old friend for his own good?

Catch it all in tonight's episode

Isse kehte hain torture-torture!

The task introduced this week was called ‘Torture Cage’. Which was also exceptionally different from the rest of the tasks that have happened so far in the season. 
This task could actually decide who would win the 25 lacs Rupees, hung in the golden brief case in the garden area. Just the mention of that made everyone feel truly serious about the task.

The garden had a cage setup, wherein names of all the contestants had red and green lights below their names and the contestants were supposed to press the button which would flash the green light and in no case could leave the pressed button. Not even to attend nature's call! If the person moved his/her hand from the pressed button and the light turned red, that meant disqualification for him or her from the task. At the same time the person could convince others to leave the pressed button if they wanted. But the main catch was, if the person won from challengers team for example, the entire team would be called the winner of the task but during the finale if the contestant was from challengers only then he or she could take the prize amount Rs.50 lacs added with these 25 lacs.On the other hand if the current task winner was from champions as against to the season's winner for example from challengers,the 25 lacs would go to the person earned maximum votes from winning team and vice-versa. 

Guess what? Rahul gave up the task just in few minutes after it started off! But why?? Who were the next ones in queue?

Catch the episode to know who won the 25 lacs!