17 Dec 2014

Pritam wins the Hotel task, takes away immunity from a housemate!

Pritam won in the Hotel task with maximum earnings. As a winner, Bigg Boss gave him a special advantage to oin down the picture of one contender amongst the remaining four, whom he wanted to remove from the immunity race. It was a tough call and he took a while to decide on that name. After coming to a conclusion that included a lot of reasoning he declared that he chose Dimpy and removed her picture from the board calling her the most strong contender in the house and that if she fought alongside, she could prove to be a threat to his immunity! A smile on Dimpy’s face said it all. How she knew Pritam would remove her for the same. She in fact also said “Haar ke jeetne waalon ko baazigar kehte hain!”

So now they were just three, Karishma,Gautam and Pritam himself, eligible to move on to the next task. And as Praneet announced the next task, everyone shivered. The next task was 'Hijack!' The task, that was the foundation for Karishma-Gautam animosity. Three chairs were placed in the garden area during the chilly night. Yeah! The trio had to sit on them clasping the seat belts, testing their own tolerance and patience controlling everything, without moving. Facing the torture of other inmates if any. And the one, who stayed till the end could win the immunity from nominations for the week.

Stay tuned to know who is safe this week from the nominations. Watch the episode tonight @ 9 pm!

That's how the guests kept the butlers busy!

Task took off with the first guest Praneet asking Pritam to wash his clothes exactly in 20 minutes, Pritam immediately abided by the orders and got into action without further questions. But, I wish I was a psychiatrist to understand what was going horribly wrong with Upen! He found no other way to keep the butlers working other than dropping huge pebbles and stones along with heavy dumbbells in the swimming pool. And, to top it all,  he chose Karishma Tanna to bring those out. In a similar instance, he messed the rest room with shaving cream sprayed all over the walls along with tissue papers strewn everywhere. He chose Dimpy to clean the same, but as Dimpy said she is a dog lover and doing all of this was a pinch of salt for her, amazed Upen. It looked like as if he felt a little bad for her cleaning it up, which she did without any stress. Dimpy was also chosen by Sonali to wax her legs, as she funnily kept screaming as each strip came off and Dimpy calmly asked her “Tumne pehle kabhi yeh karwaya nahi?”

It was indeed a busy day for all the butlers. Finally, Big Boss called them all inside and asked which butler earned maximum tips. After counting, Pritam was declared the one with the maximum money with a total amount as Rs.11,81000/-.  This way Pritam was announced the winner amongst other butlers.

There was another twist as the task ended. To know, tune in @9pm tonight!

Bigg Boss re-introduces the previous tasks with a twist!

Tan tandaaa! We are now on level two of the Luxury Budet Task. Ali is now out of the immunity race, and the second level was the Hotel Task reloaded. This time the hotel guests were – Puneet, Praneet, Sonali, Ali and Upen whereas Pritam,Gautam, Dimpy and Karishma were the butlers. But there was just one safe for all the guests to keep their money in. The rule that only one butler could be given work at a time remained the same. As the alarm rang they all dispersed to do their individual duties. As the guests strategized whom to choose and whom to avoid, the butlers planned on how to do a bit of burglary.

Pritam and Dimpy seemed working truly hard to earn the maximum ammount, while others were just scheming and helping the two. I saw Pritam working for his guest Mr.Ali, polishing all his shoes. Ali looked very happy with Pritam's job and told him "Dil khush kar ditta." But Pritam was up with some other mischief altogether! As Ali went outside the bedroom for a while Pritam put water in all his shoes. And there Ali was praising how well and dedicated Pritam at his work!

As Pritam received his tip for the job, he winked at the camera hinting 'Mission Accomplished'! All the butlers had their turn to work for the guests.Who do think will win the Baazi proceeding ahead being still eligible for the immunity?

Stay tuned to watch the cut throat competition tonight at 9 pm!

Bigg Boss 8: Survival Instincts! Synopsis, Day 87

Day 87 in the Bigg Boss 8 house will see an unexpected drama unfolding with the launch of the second part of the luxury budget task Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. Winners of the first part of this task Gautam, Dimpy, Pritam and Ali along with Karishma are the new Superheroes of the house now and will have to convince the other contestants to wear their name tags in order to support them. They will have to convert maximum number of contestants in their support in order to continue to the next level and earn the ultimate immunity for the next week. 
Each of them gear up in their own way for the task. Ali tries hard to convince others to support him while Gautam on the other hand seems too confident and says he doesn’t need immunity. Karishma and Dimpy are putting as much effort as possible while Upen seems disinterested in the task.
As the day progresses, Bigg Boss launches yet another task ‘Sab Dhurandhar Hotel Ke Andar’. Guests can make the butlers do any task they seem fit in return for the money provided to them. Upen asks butler Karishma to clean the pool and take out all the huge stones he has deliberately put inside the pool along with dumbbells and other heavy objects. Karishma agrees and goes inside the pool to accomplish the given task. Upen then asks Dimpy to clean the messed up toilet. He intentionally ruins the washroom floor and walls in order to irritate Dimpy. Other housemates are shocked by Upen’s behavior and give the butlers tasks like, washing the clothes, cleaning their footwear etc.  
As the day progresses Bigg Boss launches the last leg of the luxury budget task - “Hijack task”. The contestants will be tested on their patience, tolerance and endurance by sitting on one seat throughout. The one who survives till the end will be the ultimate winner of the luxury budget task and will also be immune from eliminations for the coming week. 
To know who will survive and who will break down, who will take up these tasks sportingly and who will give up, keep watching Bigg Boss Season 8, every day at 9PM, only on COLORS

Ouch! You wont believe who asked Sonali to grow up!

After loosing it completely for two days and behaving weird, Upen is now miffed with Sonali to an extent that he doesn’t even want to look at her. However, Sonali is trying her level best to please him as she clearly had mentioned on Saturday in front of Sonam Kapoor how badly she wants to be back friends with Upen. Upen is actually having problems with every entity in the house and especially with close pal Karishma. So, Sonali actually wanted to know what was actually going wrong between him and KT. As Upen tried getting a little comfortable with Black Mamba, she gave some weird expressions which put Upen completely off.

Upen immediately snapped at her and said, “Sonali, grow up! You cannot remain like this forever, behave like an adult if you prefer having a serious conversation!” Sonali ran short of words and actually had nothing to speak. And that was it! 

Let’s hope Sonali grows up at least before the show ends! Any take on that guys?

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